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Private Label Options

Edgewood Valley Wine, offers customers and retailers access to our custom wine-making and blending capabilities


Private Label 
Wine Options

Since 2012 Edgewood Valley Wine Company has offered retailers the ability to customize their own brands through our in-house wine making capabilities. Our wine making team, offers customers and retailers access to our custom winemaking and blending capabilities, with additional value added services such as:

  •  Brand development

  •  Custom label design

  •  Options of glass, cork, capsule, label & carton

  •  Country specific labeling requirements

  •  Custom blending

  •  Options of varietals, vintage, AVA & ABV


We identify your needs within your market and match these with our custom wine making capability to accommodate your specific packaging, blending, bottling  and costing needs. Edgewood Valley Wine can customize everything from the bottle, to the wine, to the label at most any price point. We offer a full start to finish private label service to meet your market and maximize your profit. 

Our Wines. True Passion.

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