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Deep Roots,
Profound Connections

We consider wine to be an essential part of our identity. We celebrate an understanding of how deeply wine is part of our daily lives.


Our Family's Heritage

Established in 2010 by three cousins of Sicilian descent, Edgewood Valley Wine Company was inspired by our collective roots and passion for our Sicilian heritage and the deep understanding of the art of making great wines. Our family immigrated to the United States in 1914 with a passion for food and family. After six generations we continue to keep our family and traditions close.


Today our vision is to share with the world the very best California wines from our family winery. We take enormous pride in producing our wines and will always maintain an unwavering respect for tradition and quality.

For our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers wine was much more than just a drink. It represented an essential part of shared traditions. The art of making great wine was handed down from generation to generation, which continues to this day.

A family’s history, nature and culture are contained in a simple glass that brightens a day.


Joseph, Mario & Gino

Real Family. Real Quality.

The Power of Wine    & Experiences

Wine has been nurturing the soul since ancient times. It presents the opportunity to experience a small part of other cultures. Wine is an expression not only of the specific region where grapes are grown, aged and bottled but also of the local people and their heritage that is imparted to it through the process. 

We are passionate about this pursuit, the land and the relationships made. 

In our minds, wine is part of the history of the world, telling stories about the people who came before us and a bit about their cultures, practices, and struggles. As we enjoy a glass of wine, our minds tend to wander to thoughts about how people who worked this crop viewed the times they lived and their optimism for the future. A universal story that reassures us that no matter what happens or what challenges we face, we thrive and advance like the wines we enjoy.

It is our authentic objective to offer the best wines from California Wine Country.  
We hope this passion is evident when you enjoy Edgewood Valley wines.


As the Italians say Buon vino fa buon sangue!

(good wine makes good cheer)

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