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Creating Great California Wines

Our Wines

Passionate & Versatile

Our wines stand as a symbol of joy to share the cultures our family has revered and experienced. The Edgewood Valley wines reflect the American heritage where grapes are grown and aged.

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Our Vineyard

An Authentic Love of the Land

Wines from Edgewood Valley are crafted from the finest grapes of Napa Valley and Sonoma. Our winemaking is rooted in traditions that have sustained innovative winemaking for generations.

Our Passion

Robust Options for All

Our wines pair well with various dishes and provide an easy-drinking nature and structure. We consistently receive high marks for our custom blendings, unique vintages, experimental bottlings, and high quality.

Wine and Cheese
Locations & Hours

Enjoy Edgewood Valley Wines


7755 Bell Road

Windsor, California 

Sonoma County



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